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Top best wind turbine generator for sale

To know what a wind turbine generator is is to know how one of the most important renewable energies on the planet works. Discover what they are and how they work and the latest developments in offshore wind turbines.

Today you will learn about a new form of energy self-consumption with which you can reduce your electricity bill and help to improve the environmental impact thanks to the use of green energy.

It is about wind energy, which consists of the installation of a small wind turbine kit on the rooftop of your home that will work practically in the same way as a traditional turbine, buy the top best  electric residential windmill or wind power turbine for sale in amazon with the best review on the follow links.


Buy the best wind turbine generator for sale of 2019

What is a wind turbine?

The wind turbine definition: A wind turbine or windturbine is a turbine powered by wind energy. It is a motor turbomachine that exchanges amount of movement with the wind, spinning a rotor. The mechanical energy of the rotor shaft can be used for various applications such as grinding, in the case of windmills; pump water, in the case of aero pumps; or for the generation of electric power, in wind turbines.

Wind turbines are classified, according to the orientation of the rotor shaft, into vertical and horizontal.

How does wind power work?

How do wind turbines work? A wind turbine has blades that rotate between thirteen and twenty revolutions per minute and depending on its technology, it will go at a constant speed or at a variable speed, since the rotor speed varies depending on the wind speed at that time to reach greater efficiency in achieving energy.

What is wind energy?

How wind energy works? Wind energy is the energy that is obtained from the wind. It is a type of kinetic energy produced by the effect of air currents. How does a windmill help in generating electricity? We can convert this eolic energy into electricity through an electric generator. It is a renewable, clean energy that does not pollute and helps replace the energy produced through fossil fuels.

The world’s largest wind turbine energy producer is the United States, followed by Germany, China, India and Spain. In Latin America, the biggest wind turbine model producer is Brazil. In Spain, wind power kit supplied electricity to the equivalent of 12 million homes, this is 18% of the country’s needs

Wind turbine feactures

To know what are wind turbines made of and how it works it is important to know its different phases depending on its parts and characteristics:

Auto orientation

A wind turbin is automatically oriented so that the maximum possible kinetic energy from the wind is used. Once the wind vane and anemometer record the wind data, the boat rotates on an element called a crown that is located at the end of the tower.

Blades Twist

To understand what a wind turbine is, it is important to know that the blades are moved by the wind, and they start to do so from about 3.5m / s of speed, but they reach maximum power when there are about 11m / s . Sometimes there are winds too strong, from 25m / s upwards and then, for safety, the blades are placed on flag and the wind turbine stops to prevent excessive tensions from happening.


There is an element that encompasses the set of three blades that are crimped to the bushing, which is called the rotor. This element spins a slower shaft that connects to a multiplier that is capable of raising the speed of rotation from 13 revolutions per minute to about 1,500 rpm.


After the multiplier, the energy is transferred through a faster axis, and this in turn passes it to the coupled generator, which causes the energy to be transformed into electricity.


Once the energy has been generated, it is transported through the interior of the tower to the base and, from there, by underground line it will reach the substation, where the voltage rises so that it can be injected into the electricity grid and distributed to the points of consumption and supply of electricity grid.


The system by which errors or incidents in a wind turbine are detected and can be resolved is through monitoring and supervision from the substation and the control center.

Advantages of wind energy

It is an inexhaustible energy source

It is a renewable wind turbines energy source. Wind is an abundant and inexhaustible source, which means that you can always count on the original source that produces the energy. What does not have expiration date. Where is wind energy?, it is available in many parts of the world.

It occupies little space

To produce and accumulate the same amount of electrical energy, a wind field needs less land than a photovoltaic energy field.

In addition, it is reversible, which means that the area occupied by the park can be easily restored to renew the existing territory.

It does not pollute

Wind power generator is a cleaner source of energy after solar energy. This is because during its generation process it does not imply a combustion process. Thus, it does not produce toxic gases, or any solid waste. To get an idea. A wind turbine reaches an energy capacity similar to 1,000 kg of oil.

In addition, the turbines themselves have a very long life cycle before being removed for disposal.

Low cost

The costs of wind turbines and turbine maintenance are relatively low. The cost per kW produced is quite low in very windy areas. In some cases, the cost of production is the same as that of coal, and even nuclear energy.

It is compatible with other activities

The agricultural and livestock activity coexists harmoniously with the activity of a wind farm. This means that it does not have a negative impact on the local economy, it allows facilities not to interrupt the development of their traditional activity while generating a new source of wealth.

Disadvantages of wind energy

The wind is not guaranteed

The wind is relatively unpredictable, so production forecasts are not always met, especially in small temporary units. To minimize the risks, investments in this type of facilities are always long term, so the calculation of their return is safer.

This problem is better understood with one piece of information: wind turbines only work correctly with gusts of wind between 10 and 40 km / h. At lower speeds the energy is not profitable and at higher it represents a physical risk to the structure.

Non-storable energy

It is energy that cannot be stored, but must be consumed immediately when it is produced. That means that it cannot offer a complete alternative to the use of other types of energy.

Landscape impact

Large home windmill power turbine generator or wind farms have a strong landscape impact and are visible from long distances. The average height of the towers / turbines ranges between 50 and 80 meters, with rotating blades that rise another 40 meters. The aesthetic impact on the landscape sometimes creates discomfort in the local population.

They affect the birds

Wind farms can have a negative impact on birds, especially among nocturnal raptors. The impact on the birdlife is due to the fact that the rotating blades can move at a speed of up to 70 km / h. Birds are not able to visually recognize the blades at this speed, colliding with them fatally.

Types of Wind Turbines


Wind turbines for houses are similar to those for industrial use, but on a small scale. We can find homemade wind generators of all sizes and powers. But there are two types of domestic wind turbines according to the orientation and shape of their propellers. Since the wind turbine system that produces the energy is the same.

For a wind installation in a detached house we can choose between a horizontal wind generator or domestic vertical wind generators. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the types of wind generators for homes. So that you have them in mind when buying a wind generator for home.

Horizontal Wind Generators (AEH)

They are the most common, those that have the turbine horizontally facing the wind. All windmill electric wind generators are of the type (AEH) or HAWT * for its acronym in English (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine *).

Advantages of Horizontal Wind Turbines

  • Horizontal axis wind turbines typically have superior performance than vertical axis wind turbines. Although the difference is minimal.     
  • Technology in horizontal axis aerial generators is more proven. Since they were the first to be carried out.

Disadvantages of a Horizontal Wind Generator

  • It need a minimum 10m high mast, which increases the cost of the installation.     
  • Do not work well with weak, gusty winds or with frequent changes of direction.     
  • They need a weather vane to take the wind in the face.     
  • Its installation is only possible in open and unobstructed areas with smooth air flow.

Domestic Vertical Wind Turbine (AEV)

Domestic vertical wind generators are those that have their axis of rotation perpendicular to the ground, with the wind turbine facing the sky. Also called (AEV) or VAWT for its acronym in English (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine *).

Advantages of a Vertical Wind Generator

  • This type of wind generators can be placed closer to each other. Since they do not produce an air braking effect of a horizontal wind generator. So they do not occupy so much surface.
  • They are ideal in areas of weak wind.
  • Having omnidirectional blades do not need to mount an orientation mechanism to take the wind.
  • They can be placed closer to the ground. Since they are able to work with a lower wind speed, taking advantage of wind gusts and turbulence. So its maintenance is easier.
  • Vertical wind turbines are quieter and produce fewer vibrations than horizontal ones.
  • They are much more recommended for small installations because their installation is simpler, the noise is smaller and their size is smaller.
  • They are safer for birds and people. Since being a vertical turbine, it is more difficult to suffer accidents with the blades.

Disadvantages of a Vertical Wind Generator

  • Being closer to the ground you cannot use the highest air currents where the wind speed is higher.     
  • They are usually more expensive than those with a horizontal axis. Although we have better models of vertical wind generator at a similar price to that of horizontal windmills. Technology has evolved a lot and has allowed us to buy both types of state-of-the-art domestic wind turbines at an affordable price.

Domestic Vertical Wind Turbine (AEV)

Within the vertical wind turbines we can find three types: Savonius, Darrieus and without Aspas. The difference between these types of wind turbines is the design of the blades that move the vertical wind turbine.

Savonius turbine

This savonius vertical wind turbines were invented in 1922 by Finnish inventor Sigurd J. Savonius.

This type of wind turbine is one of the simplest. Its blades are C-shaped if we look at them from above, the back is rounded and the front is usually hollow. In this way the wind makes resistance in the front blade making it rotate. And being the rounded or aerodynamic rear, it does not exert wind resistance when returning to the loading position.

The blades are usually distributed in pairs with a peculiar S-shape, although today we can find models of this vertical wind turbine with more than 2 blades.

The Savonius vertical wind turbine works by drag, so it draws less force from the wind than other turbines. So with high winds it does not produce as much as a horizontal generator, but it is much safer and has less risk of breakdowns.

In favor it must be said that like all vertical turbines they do not need to be oriented to the wind to operate. They can start producing electricity with low wind speed and take advantage of the turbulence caused by obstacles, without having to be placed at high altitude.

In the following video you can see the principle of operation of a Savonius turbine and modern innovations to make them more efficient.

Darrieus Wind Turbines

The Darrieus turbine was patented by the engineer Frances Georges Jean Marie Darrieus in 1926.

It is a vertical wind turbine that has C-shaped blades attached to a vertical axis, placing the multiplier box and the generator on the ground.

The Darrieus generator was the first vertical wind turbine that was installed in test projects. Since a priori had the main advantage of wind turbines: always be oriented to the wind and be able to house the machinery on the ground. But due to their low reliability and maintenance cost they were not profitable and fell into oblivion. Giving vertical wind turbines a bad name.

Although the first Darrieus turbine prototypes that were marketed are already obsolete, here we can see one in operation in Colorado, USA, in 2010.

Vortex Vertical Bladeless Wind Generator

We can also find modern designs of vertical wind power plant generators without blades, such as the Vortex, an invention of Spanish creation.

It is a cylindrical wind turbine, without blades, that works with the harmonic movement between the wind and a structure. When creating eddies around the structure of the vertical wind turbine, which appear at a certain frequency depending on the wind speed. When the frequency of the eddies coincides with that of the structure, it absorbs energy by a phenomenon called aerolastic coupling and the structure begins to move producing electricity. This is one of the most optimal ways to transmit energy from a fluid to a structure.

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Advantages of a Vertical vs. Horizontal Wind Generator

We point out some of the advantages to take into account in vertical homemade wind generators:

  • Domestic vertical wind turbines are more efficient in the production of watts per m2 than those of horizontal axis according to a study by the California Institute of Technology. Since they can be installed very close together without affecting the performance of the rest of wind turbines.
  • Vertical axis wind turbines can operate regardless of wind direction, since they can take the wind from either side. This is ideal for places with gusty and changing winds. As well as for installations in boats or motorhomes.
  • Vertical axis wind generators are ideal for urban areas where they can take advantage of both low intensity winds and turbulence caused by obstacles to function. This is an advantage, since obstacles such as a roof can be exploited to increase wind speed and production.
  • They do not need guidance mechanisms, or continuous adjustments to follow the wind direction.
  • The blades of vertical electric windmills are safer, since the blades of a horizontal mill can break off at high speeds.
  • They can be installed in towers of smaller height, with the saving that this supposes.
  • They are simpler to install and maintenance is easier.

What is a wind farm?

The wind turbine farm is a set of wind turbines grouped on a specific surface, relatively close to each other. These can be built on land or at sea. Although the former are more common, mariners have achieved significant growth in recent years, especially in Europe, where wind power energy is becoming more relevant.

Where is it more efficient to install a wind turbine?

The installation of a wind farm requires a thorough study of the area to ensure that windmills will not adversely affect the environment:

Environmental impact in the area.

Although wind energy is one of the cleanest and therefore those that least affect the environment, we must not forget that the size of the mills is very large. In addition to changing the environment visually, it can affect bird transit very negatively. Ideally, it should be a wide space, without trees and that is not a place of passage of birds, especially those most protected or endangered species.

Energy potential of the area.

It is useless for an area to have the ideal conditions for wind power generation if there is no nearby community that can consume it.

Air behavior

As we said before, windy is far from enough. A year of prior study of your address, temperature and maximum generation capacity is required.

What is the average life of a wind turbine?

The duration of wind turbines is 20 to 25 years.  Most wind turbines can continue to function properly, safely and for several years, once the end of their useful life has come, after minor repairs and small investments. This high duration makes wind generators a good option to buy.

Power of Wind Generators for homes

The power of a mini domestic wind generator is measured in Watts / Hour (W / h). The watts indicated by the brand of each of its models will always be the maximum power that the domestic windmill is capable of producing in optimal conditions.

Depending on the system we want to buy to meet our needs, we must choose the power of our domestic wind generator. Since depending on the production watts we obtain with our windmill, we will have to size the rest of the equipment (Regulator, Inverter, and Batteries).

We can find several production powers in the different types of cheap domestic generators. From 200W / h to 3,000 W / h, although we can find industrial wind turbines with higher powers.

We do not recommend the installation of high production wind energy equipment to install at home. Since at higher production power, the rest of the equipment necessary for the wind installation increases in price and makes our installation more expensive.

How is Wind Energy Produced with a Domestic Wind Turbine?

Wind turbines for homes are electric generators that produce electricity using the kinetic energy of the wind to move their blades or turbines. Which in turn transmit the movement produced by the pressure of the wind in your wheel. Through a mechanical transmission system to spin the rotor of a generator. Converting wind energy into electrical energy.

  • The wind is an inexhaustible, clean and sustainable energy source. The use of wind kinetic energy to produce homemade wind energy is free of polluting emissions.
  • Wind turbines are a modern evolution of classic windmills that used the force of wind to grind cereals or cut wood. The operation of windmills for homes is identical.
  • Wind turbines usually generate electricity when the wind achieves a speed of between 3 and 4 meters per second. As a general rule, they achieve their maximum power over 25 meters per second. And they have safety systems that disconnect them to prevent damage with winds greater than 25 meters per second.

The output power of a domestic wind generator can be 12V wind turbine generator, 24V wind turbine or 48V. To create an efficient wind system, deep-cycle batteries are essential to store the energy produced. For this we will need a battery charge controller. Once the wind energy has been stored, we will have to transform the output voltage of our batteries to 220 V. What is the voltage that usually requires the appliances or lighting systems of your residential wind turbine generator  for sale in amazon. To do this, we must connect a pure sine wave inverter to the output of the batteries.

Wind turbines for homes or Mini wind have safety systems that measure wind speed and direction. When the wind changes direction, the wind vane moves the wind engine to face the wind. They also have a brake when the speed can endanger the equipment.

Wind Power Generator Brands for Homes

These are some of the main brands of domestic wind generators that you can find the best small and large wind turbine for sale in the market.

  • Air breeze wind turbines
  • Cueffer wind turbines
  • Eco Whorthy wind turbines
  • Gowe wind turbines
  • Guellin wind turbines
  • Ista Breeze wind turbines
  • Makemu Energy wind turbines
  • Tesup wind turbines
  • Top QSC wind turbines
  • Trem Enerji LTD wind turbines
  • Tumo int wind turbines
  • Vogvigo wind turbines
  • Xunzel wind turbines

Buy Domestic Wind Turbine

On our website we select the best wind turbines for homes for sale on Amazon to make your search easier. If you are looking to buy wind generator kit an Amazon the wind generator at a good price, we help you increase the information about the products.

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  • Low start-up speed, high wind power utilization, lightweight, low vibration with 3 blades, auto windward direction adjustment
  • 400W blade wind turbine allows for power generation throughout the night, combined with monocrystalline solar panels for more power per square foot

What do you need for the installation of a domestic wind turbine?

To be able to install the best home wind turbine kit in your house a wind turbine system based on a wind turbine, the elements that you must contemplate are the following:

Wind turbine: it is the main element of the system. Through this device you will be able to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy in the form of direct current.
Inverter: is responsible for converting direct current into alternating current.
Wiring System: this system allows the current to be communicated from the inverter to the outlet.
Mast: supports and raises the height of the wind turbine.
Battery: used to store unused energy.

Used Wind Generators

If you are going to buy a second-hand domestic wind generator you always run the risk of not knowing for sure the condition of the rotor. In our online store you have new cheap wind turbine generator for sale at very affordable prices. But if you opt for this option you must inform yourself of the life of the wind turbine for home use that you are going to buy, to avoid undesirable surprises.

Sizes of Wind Turbines

Large modern wind turbines have rotors of more than 90 meters in diameter, while smaller ones, which are usually installed in developing countries, have rotors of about 30 meters in diameter. The towers are between 25 and 100 meters high.


The prices of wind turbine for home cost vary depending on the kilowatts they produce, these range from $3000 to $8000 per kilowatts. Although there are economic rooftop wind turbines for sale for home use ranging from $100 to $500 dollars.


Now that we know what a wind turbine is and how it works, it is important to know why they are so important today and what benefits they bring to the environment and society.

First of all, the energy they create is wind energy, which is renewable, inexhaustible, does not pollute, reduces the use of fossil fuels and energy imports. It also generates wealth in the area where wind turbines and local jobs are implemented, contributing at all times to the sustainable development of the ecosystem.

How windy is your area?

It is very easy to know how much seeing there is in your area, because this web application in the following link helps you to get an idea of ​​the wind speed of your area.

What kind of maintenance does an installation of this type need?

The maintenance of a domestic wind turbine is quite simple.

Generally, an annual inspection of the parts of the device, a revision of the screws and a tightening of the same in case (if necessary) is enough.

How much money will a wind turbine save me per month?

Wind energy systems can be one of the cheapest bases of operations that are implemented in the home, and is a source of clean and renewable energy. By investing in a small wind system, you can reduce pollution, avoid the high costs of expanding power lines in public services in your area, and reduce contact with future increases in electricity rates. Before investing in a wind energy windmill generator kit system for your home, there are several initial steps that are important to find out if wind energy makes sense to you and your home.

Are you ready to save?

Although the idea of ​​self-consumption is quite attractive, we must also consider the idea of ​​installing such a system as a complement to our traditional light supply and as an aid to save on our electricity bills. See the wind turbine for home price and buy a cheap wind generators for home use and save money!!!

See other articles about green energy

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