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How to install an electric generator?

The area intended for the installation of the generator set must meet certain requirements to allow the perfect operation and maintenance of the equipment.

The installation space must be soundproof and must have an outlet to the outside for gases; It must also be provided with good ventilation that allows the entry of fresh air. This will prevent the engine of the equipment from deteriorating by not obtaining the optimum gas mixture in the cylinders and will eliminate the risk of poisoning and death from carbon monoxide emissions.

It is vitally important that the space where the generator is installed is not closed. It is not enough to have an opening; Exhaust gases could accumulate and cause poisoning and even death if care is not taken. To do this, they must be installed in rooms where the air circulates freely, both to enter and to escape. The best solution is a shed with a gable roof, with a solid wall up to one meter in height and then an enclosure with open metal mesh, which allows full air circulation.

Not recommended places to install an electric generator

Location not recommended: there are no openings for the escape of combustion gases except for the pipes installed in the roof, which are insufficient. The board on the right is located a few centimeters from where the equipment would be, so it would be inaccessible or uncomfortable and in case of emergencies could not be operated. Finally, the ceramic coating of the walls would create reverberations and echoes, enhancing the noises.

It is also important that the room used to house the generator has thermal insulation to protect the equipment from climatic fluctuations.

The electrical output of the generator must be made through the magnetothermal and differential protection system; Under no circumstances should it be connected directly to the electrical installation.

Industrial power generator

Maintenance and start-up for install an electric generator

Before starting a generator set, several aspects must be taken into consideration with regard to its operation.

If the generator works with diesel oil and is for frequent use, a tank similar to the equipment and a reserve tank should be installed near the generator. Keep in mind that these tanks must be accessible to refuel them.

When starting up the generator, you must consider that in order for the equipment to be able to assume the load, you must wait around 10 seconds, if the equipment has the preheating system. Otherwise, the waiting time is between 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the generator is started for the first time, it must be taken into account the maintenance of the generator for a better performance.

The lubrication oil of the engine must be changed periodically after a certain number of hours of operation. In engines that work with diesel, the spark plugs must also be replaced. Likewise, the air and fuel filter must be cleaned. To know how often, it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s information.

If the generator is left without working for a long time, it is recommended to start it every month or two. Another important recommendation is to empty the fuel tank when the generator is not running, in the case of gasoline and oil, and use a new mixture before starting the generator.

Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions and use manual, before starting to use the generator or generator set.

And the ground connection for install an electric generator?

Also known as grounding, it is a connection that is made to increase the safety of people who will be near the electric generator, especially when it is a large equipment.

As a general rule, generators include in their structure a screw with the earth symbol, which is like an inverted t and two perpendicular lines in its base that become smaller.

Once this symbol is located, take a wire, preferably green or yellow, colors used by electricians to indicate this type of connection, and connect one end to the equipment and another to a pike or metal element that is inserted into the nearby ground to the location of your electric generator.

With all these steps taken and verified, what remains is to start up your equipment and use it whenever necessary.

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