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Standby Generator, backup generators or automatic generator

What is a standby generator? Backup generators, or fixed electric generators, are a type of equipment to supply electric power. Its operation is the same as that of any other electric generator, with the difference that these are fixedly installed in one place. When we talk about domestic equipment, we refer to models which are designed to supply small electric charges ideal for homes or small offices.

Having a reserve system can guarantee us the supply of electricity in the event of a power failure, once the electric power service is restored, the electric charge is transferred and detected again by the generator, then it is automatically turned off, the fuel used by stand by generators is usually diesel, natural gas generator or liquid propane. These are much more complex systems than portable generators, and also considerably more costs, and finally with considerable benefits. Here you can find the best standby generators and residential generators with the best Amazon reviews, buy the standby generators for homes or commercial use on offer at an excellent price and get rid of the blackouts.

Characteristics of backup generators

The loads supplied by this equipment range from 5 KW to 45 KW in some models designed for large offices or even small stores.

  • They mostly operate with Natural Gas or Lp Gas, although some large models use diesel to be more cost efficient.
  • They are large equipment, and part of their acquisition cost includes the costs associated with their installation.
  • Unlike portable generators, stationary generator these tend to generate a lot of noise, so their installation includes a coating to isolate noise.
  • Unlike portable generators, they tend to get hot, so they require a cooling system.
  • The stand alone generator prices start at $ 1,600, with prices around $ 10,000 for higher loads (30 KW).

Cooling systems of standby generators

Reserve generators that are considered small in size (those that range from 15 KW to 20 KW) have a system based on cast air, which prevents the heating of the full house generator when taking air from the environment, other permanent generator of greater supply and power require other solutions for cooling, such as liquid cooling refrigeration systems.

Automatic supply system

How do automatic standby generators work? The new models that exist in the market of home standby generators allow an automatic and intelligent system that does not allow the supply of electric power to be interrupted in case of any failure or eventuality with the electricity supply, the home standby generator is perfect in any of these cases.

This is achieved through a transfer switch which must be installed on the electrical panel of the house, is necessary for the whole house standby generator (usually sold separately).

It is important to note that these automatic backup generator systems will not prevent connected equipment from shutting down for a brief moment, and may lose information in the case of computers, or may cause damage to other equipment. To protect against these risks, one can use UPS (suitable supplies to protect computers) and / or voltage regulators.

Automatic systems begin to operate after a short delay.

Safety in the use of permanent backup generators

  • A certified contractor or other qualified professional is required for the standby generator installation.
  • It must be ensured that the generator does not send electricity to the power lines, this is avoided by installing a double-shot bipolar switch, a professional or qualified technician can do this work for you.
  • When you purchase a Standby generator and make changes to the wiring, notify the relevant authorities or your city department.
  • It is necessary to carry out regular safety inspections and ensure that there is enough fuel for several days.

Standby generator distance from house

If you have already purchased an electric generator to be your support, emergency generator systems or main power equipment, the time has come to determine where you are going to install your new equipment. So let’s look at all the aspects that you will have to evaluate before starting up your equipment.

Let’s start with the foundations

Depending on the size of the electric generator it will be necessary for the floor or ceiling to support the total weight of the equipment, adding the fuel, oil and coolant. If we talk about a team that is very large, the ideal is that you have the advice of an engineer to assess the strength of the structure.

Also, keep in mind, especially if the structure is under construction, that a prudential space between the walls, preferably 1 or 2 meters, be maintained. And if possible, that an insulating layer be applied between the foundations and the floor, to prevent any risk of leaks and any other inconvenience that affects the operation of the equipment.

Details with noise

This is a factor that we cannot ignore when we talk about installing an electric generator, especially if it is large and you will not be able to move it as often as you would with a portable computer. If you have the advice of an engineer or architect, you can add some materials to isolate the noise produced by these machines.

Another option is to buy equipment that is soundproofed, a quality that is appreciated as it reduces the discomforts that these machines can cause to the people around them, just like animals, if we talk about a model that operates in an open space.

And if your electric generator is going to be installed in enclosed work spaces, remember to comply with the regulations established by the labor laws of that city or country.

Watch the ventilation

When an electric generator starts, it emits gases that, if not dispersed in a timely or effective way, can cause problems due to poisoning or unhealthiness. But it is not only the gases, heat is also generated that, if not spread, can create dangerous situations or definitely affect the durability of your equipment.

Hence, it is advisable to install the generator in places where air currents are abundant to eliminate any inconvenience with fuel fumes or engine heat.

It is appropriate that you verify all possible sites to install your new backup power generator and make the best decision about it, always thinking about your comfort and well-being.

Why buy a standby generator?

Automatic generators are very necessary in emergencies to ensure the full functioning of critical systems, such as fire systems, elevators in tall buildings or medical equipment for critical patients.

Here are the best standby home generator for home use for sale in the web, this generators also used routinely in residential areas, to guarantee an electrical reserve in case of any failure in the supply for appliances and air conditioning and security systems. See all models of home standby generators for sale and cheap standby generator sell in amazon.

Generac Standby home Generator

List of the best sellers in amazon and the Best reviews of standby generator generac, like generac 12000 watt whole house generator prices.

Bestseller No. 1
Generac 70432 Home Standby Generator Guardian Series 22kW/19.5kW Air Cooled with...
  • 5-Year limited Warranty for automatic standby generators.
  • Powers 16-circuits of your home with the 200-amp, NEMA 3R (indoor or outdoor rated) transfer switch with Aluminum enclosure
  • Smart, User-friendly controls. Generac’s evolution controller features a multilingual LCD display that allows you to Monitor Battery status and track...
Bestseller No. 2
Generac 70361 Home Standby Generator 16/16 kw Air-Cooled with Wi-Fi, Aluminum
  • Generac’s Guardian Series generators provide the automatic backup power you need to protect your home and family during a power outage. Connected to your...
Bestseller No. 3
Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator 22kW/19.5kW Air Cooled with Whole House 200 Amp...
  • True power technology delivers best-in class power quality (less than 5% thd) for Smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances
  • Includes a 200 amp NEMA 3 (indoor/ outdoor rated) whole house Smart transfer switch
  • Generac evolution controller features LED indicators for generator status, utility power presence or maintenance required

Kohler Standby Generator

Bestseller No. 1
Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Air-Cooled Standby Generator with 200 Amp Transfer Switch...
  • 20,000-watt air-cooled generator automatically starts up when the power goes out
  • Includes 200 Amp whole-house, service entrance rated, load shedding, automatic transfer switch
  • Fast response--power to your home in 10 seconds; premium power quality; quiet operation
Bestseller No. 2
KOHLER Generators 12RESVL100 Amp Standby Indoor Generator, 12-Space with Load Center...
  • 12 kW standby generator with automatic transfer switch and oncue plus
  • 12 kW generator to keep your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on, based on load size.
  • Power boost technology provides power to start large loads without dropping power to other appliances
Bestseller No. 3
Kohler 38RCLB-QS1 38000W Standby Generator
  • Commercial-grade engine - powered by Kohler 2. 2L Turbo commercial engine, operating at 1, 800 RPM
  • Premium - 5-year/2, 000-hour limited
  • Remote monitoring -optional ounce plus monitoring system gives you control of your Kohler generator throughout the world

Briggs & Stratton Standby Generator

See the whole home backup generator for sale in the follow link.

Bestseller No. 1
Briggs & Stratton 40445 8000-watt Home Standby Generator System with 50-Amp Automatic...
  • Includes 50 amp transfer switch with flexible indoor/outdoor installation
  • Closer placement options as close as 18 in. from your home per the National Fire Protection Agency 37 standard
  • Built from the Galvanneal steel used in the automotive industry for long-term durability
Bestseller No. 2
Briggs & Stratton 40531 12kW Standby Generator with 200 Amp Symphony II Transfer...
  • Includes 200 amp automatic transfer switch with flexible indoor/outdoor installation
  • 12 kW with Symphony II Power management can manage a Home, up to 5,500 sq. ft. with a 4 ton air conditioner saving you thousands less than a previously...
  • Closer placement Options as close as 18 inch from Your Home per the National Fire Protection Agency 37 Standard

Champion Standby Generator

See the whole home generator in offer (home generators for sale)

Bestseller No. 1
Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator with 50-Amp Indoor-Rated Automatic Transfer...
  • Totally Automatic – The ATS50 Emergency Essentials Automatic Transfer Switch has 8 available circuits available and provides seamless power to your home...
  • Quietest-in-Class – Thanks to advanced sound dampening and a specially designed low-tone muffler, this generator operates at a residential-friendly 59.5...
  • Reliable – 24-volt starting system operates in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22° F and 104° F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the generator...
Bestseller No. 2
Champion 12.5-kW Home Standby Generator with 100-Amp Indoor-Rated Automatic Transfer...
  • Totally Automatic – The ATS100 Emergency Essentials Automatic Transfer Switch has 12 available circuits and provides seamless power to your home during...
  • Quietest-in-Class – Thanks to advanced sound dampening and a specially designed low-tone muffler, this generator operates at a residential-friendly 63...
  • Reliable – 24-volt starting system operates in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22° F and 104° F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the generator...
Bestseller No. 3
Champion Power Equipment 100294 Home Standby Generator
  • Whole house 24/7 power - the Ats200 whole house transfer switch with demand control Provides seamless, managed power to your entire home during an outage
  • Quietest-in-class - thanks to advanced sound dampening and a specially designed low-tone muffler, This generator operates at a residential-friendly 63 dba...
  • Reliable - 24-volt starting system operates in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22 Degree F and 104 Degree F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the...

Honeywell Standby Generator

Buy a automatic generators for sale Honeywell models (house generators for sale).

Bestseller No. 1
Honeywell 6032 AIR Cooled Standby Natural Gas OR LP Generator Rated 9KW (Natural) OR...
  • PrecisionPower Electric Technology - 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Two Line LCD Tri-Lingual Digital Controller - Base Fascia
  • Electric Governor - GFCI Duplex Outlet
Bestseller No. 2
Honeywell 6065, 1600 Running Watts/1650 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter...
  • Easy to Transport: These compact units are incredibly lightweight. The built-in handle makes it easy to transport.
  • Fuel Efficient, Exclusive Eco Mode: Honeywell Inverters feature Eco Mode, which adjusts engine speed to meet demand
  • When power needs are low, the engine runs more slowly, resulting in a quieter, more fuel-efficient unit

Cummins Standby Generator

Best automatic home generator for sale.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator - 6500 Starting Watts QuietPower...
  • Quiet, portable inverter generator delivers 6,500 starting watts of reliable home backup power
  • QuietPower Series inverter technology and a noise-reducing shell give you power that’s more than 60% quieter than a standard generator (66 dBA at 25%...
  • Design is 45% more compact & 30% lighter (128 lbs) than a standard portable generator. Start Type: Recoil


It is important to consider that the whole house generator of 5 to 30 KW (11kw generator, 22kw generator, 30kw generator) will supply our house during the electric shorts, but those of small loads will only give enough energy to keep some generator to power whole house appliances running (some parts of the house can be turned off).

Home emergency generators with larger loads can keep an entire house running, although it is important to consider that prices rise considerably (the standby genset generator cost $ 5,500 to $ 8,000 onwards). For more info about Standby generator see the follow link.

Look at the Standby whole house backup generator we have for sale and choose the one that suits you, see home standby generators sale!!! BUY NOW!!!.

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