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CAT generators or caterpillar generators

The Caterpillar brand (CAT) is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction machinery and generating equipment, diesel engines and industrial gas turbines, with a wide range large generator for all tastes and respecting the most classic designs. If you need a diesel generator set with a power capacity of 6 to 14,040 eKW (7.5 to 17,550 kVA), you will have the peace of mind knowing that our diesel-powered generator sets are built according to world class standards, allowing high efficiency, low fuel consumption and compliance with global emission standards. We show you a great selection of caterpillar diesel generators, gasoline, portable or inverter CAT diesel Generators on offer and a cheap price. See the top best caterpillar generator price list.


Feactures of CAT generators

CAT Power generators are high-end generators, which are ideal for hospitals, buildings, businesses and other facilities that require a reliable generator. CAT generators are, for example, in the case of being a hospital or companies that require a backup of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switching equipment.

The electric generators Cat, has maximum efficiency in the area of ​​electric generators, the purpose of which electric machines meet the requirements of EPA emission standards.

It is essential that your hospital, company or building have a plant and a really reliable backup emergency generator when the power is interrupted, for that and many other fields caterpillar power systems CAT is an excellent option for you, acquiring it is very easy, buy it Right now if you want on this page.

Why buy a CAT Generator?     

  • Because we want you to worry only about your work and not the team, try the CAT equipment, the best in the market.     
  • When you buy a CAT machine, you not only take the equipment, but also a first-class technical service that will assist you whenever you need it.   
  • Cat generators have the technology that allows you to work full time without any inconvenience
  • We have super fast shipping, so we have a wide range of equipment available, which we can deliver within a 2 days!!!

What do Cat electric generators offer me?

The caterpillar generators specifications are the best thanks to the brand quality.

  • Develop the potential of your projects and avoid being interrupted due to lack of electricity.
  • Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of generator sets and offers the largest range of specifications available. Built according to world class standards, allowing high efficiency, low fuel consumption and compliance with global emission standards.
  • Our power guides for Caterpilla generators range from 13kws to 2000 kws, models available in diesel, cabinet, tank, double wall, single phase, three phase, diesel generator set and flat cabinet.
  • For premium, continuous or backup power service, CAT Generator groups deliver reliable, clean and economical power, even under the most demanding conditions.
  • CAT Electric Generators are designed and manufactured for optimum performance. Its main components are tested individually; and once the generator is armed, the complete unit is tested at 100% nominal operating and safety load.

See our reviews of the different Cat generators

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